Bighorn Rodworks designs and builds fly rods for those who want performance from a work of art. A fly rod is an extension of the person who casts it. We truly enjoy the art of fly casting, be it traditional (single-hand) or Spey (double-hand) casting; the rod is just as much a part of that art as the casting stroke itself. Our rods are designed to be visually appealing, highly effective tools for fishing.


Every BR fly rod is unique, no matter if you go with a pre-built rod or if you commission a
custom rod
. We don’t make bulk rods. This is a boutique experience and we encourage the customer to have a one-on-one conversation with our rod builder so we can make sure you get the rod that best suits your fishing needs and aesthetic desires. During the design phase we will consider the customer’s casting style and abilities, fishing needs, and overall color scheme desired before beginning the construction of our custom fly rod.

Thread Wrapping

Bottom line….thread wrapping holds the line guides onto the rod blank before epoxy is added, but it needn’t be bland. Thread wrapping can really set your custom rod apart from any mass-produced rod. We pride ourselves on the threadwork we put into each of our rods. Our guides and ferrules are wrapped to compliment your rod’s performance and the customer’s personal color preferences. This is a place to add some flare to your custom fly rod. Rod wrapping thread is available in every color under the sun and when you commission a custom rod you’ll have the opportunity to talk directly to our rod builder to come up with a color scheme to fit your personality – be it subdued Earth tones or Rock Star flash! It’s completely up to you.

Custom spey rod thread wrapping
Inlaid custom feather adornment spy fly rod

Feather Inlays

Every rod we build includes an artful feather inlay atop the rod blank and overlayed with clear finishing epoxy. This is another opportunity to add a personal touch to your custom fly rod. We will use feathers to compliment the overall color scheme present in the thread wrapping, the reel seat, and the cork grip(s).


One of the Bighorn Rodworks signatures is our custom cork grips. We design, construct, and shape all of our own grips, always. We combine a number of different cork types (grade “AAA” natural cork, colored burl, natural burl, burnt cork, rubberized cork) to achieve these unique and functional rod grips. The lower grips on our double-hand rods are treated with several coats of clear spar varnish for superior durability; the upper grips on our double-hand rods, and the grips on all of our single-hand rods, are treated with specialized cork sealant to prevent chipping and infiltration of dirt/grime while maintaining that cushy cork “feel” under the hand.